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15 July 2018 - Elliot's Beach Chennai


Who we are?

Sculpting on the platform of being 'a medium of social change', the contribution and championing of social causes has become ingrained into the ethos of THE OLD MADRAS FOUNDATION and has become a skilled sculptor in sculpting the Immortals of our heritage in the minds of the today's generation.

While the seeds of this spirit were sown by the founder of THE OLD MADRAS FOUNDATION, A.C.Krithick Raam and B. Manoj Kumar, it has right from its inception has been involved in various Traditional activities and conserving our tradition for our future generation and contributing to the betterment of the society.

About Traditionalthon

A run to preserve our tradition

The Old Madras Foundation initiatives have a varied topology ranging from supporting farmers in our agriculture-dependent economy, traditional, cultural and social awareness, pollution free environment as well as activities that will interest tech savvy people of today which motivates them to celebrate our tradition, making a Tradition Bound India for Future generation.

Always working in the spirit of 'social first', THE OLD MADRAS FOUNDATION would love to be partnered with other organizations across various initiatives to ensure that the benefits are maximized. Support 'Traditionalathon', form a Tradition Bound India ...

Traditionalathon Schedule

We are excited for Traditionalathon 2018
this April in Elliot's Beach Chennai, TN.

Upcoming Events

  • Traditionalathon, Chennai
  • Traditionalathon, Mettur Dam, Salem
  • 15 July 2018
    08:00 - 18:00 Event Schedule will be updated soon ...
  • 05 Aug 2018
    08:00 - 18:00 Event Schedule will be updated soon ...

    Nihilne te nocturnum praesidium Palati, nihil urbis vigilae, nihil timor populi, nihil concursus velit omnium, nihil hic muntissimus habendi senatus locus, nihil horum ora vultusque moverunt, patere tua consilia non sentis constrictam nihil hic muntissimus.

Count-down to Traditionalathon Chennai 2018

15 July 2018 - Chennai

Join the Movement

Come and participate to make this event special

A run to save
our tradition

  • “ Traditions are our pillars that hold us together“
  • “ Our fabric of civilization is knit with the twin threads of culture and Tradition“

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Registration starts now, spread this message and gather your friends and lets make this event a grand success. G Floor 4th Street, Bhuvaneswari Nagar,
Chennai, TN 600088

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